Moreton & Company is an independently and family owned consulting and insurance brokerage firm that has been around and trusted for more than 100 years. J.B. Moreton founded our business back in 1910 with his initial focus on the guarantee and insurance needs of those in the Salt Lake Valley, as well as its businesses. As the clientele and their needs began growing, we started handling additional coverage to keep clients and customers satisfied and safely covered in required areas.

Today we provide a wide range of services to take care of your personal and business insurance needs, including specific insurance and non-insurance resolutions in each exposure area. Moreton & Company, currently in our fourth generation of family ownership, has grown significantly since its foundation. We are one of the 100 biggest brokers in the U.S., with offices in three states — Utah, Idaho, and Colorado — and more than 180 employees. We have also established noteworthy market relationships with some of the world’s most prominent insurers.

Every Moreton & Company account is backed by a team of professionals. Our employees have a deep understanding of the industry and a toolbox of solutions that are unparalleled in the marketplace. In order to maximize our value to the clients we serve, our employees are continuously pursuing additional education and keeping on top of changes in the industry.

As a large regional broker, we provide resources that go beyond what companies have come to expect from local brokerages. Yet at the same time, our local presence ensures that you get the attention that you would not receive from a large national firm. Our clients trust us to build insurance programs that best protect them, and we take that trust very seriously. Our employees are transparent in their dealings and will work hard to ensure our clients have the best of our services available.

Moreton & Company continues to provide clients with security and peace of mind through our exceptional values, local support, and innovative solutions. Our values have never changed and we’ve always kept our promises — even after more than a century of business. 

Moreton & Company.  Trusted Since 1910.  Innovation. Insurance. Integrity.

Moreton & Company Core Values

Our Vision:
Providing superior personalized service and creating innovative, ethical solutions for managing risk and building financial stability in our local communities and in the global marketplace.

Our Mission:
We will consistently exceed expectations by providing solutions that go beyond the needs of our clients and customers. We will be timely, fair, and professional with our suppliers, carriers, and partners. We will provide a prosperous, professional, and energetic workplace.

Service Philosophy:
Moreton & Company abides by the highest ethical standards of personal honesty and integrity. We are committed to providing excellent service and products to each of our clients, regardless of size.


Moreton & Company has been an Assurex Global member for over 30 years.  Assurex Global is an exclusive Partnership of the most prominent independent insurance agents in the world. Founded in 1954, there are over 106 Partners with over 600 Partner offices around the world.  Through this exclusive Partnership, Moreton & Company has direct, local access to the most elite independent insurance professionals around the globe for international insurance needs.


Moreton & Company trusted with the insurance and risk management for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic games.

Moreton & Company was chosen by an international selection committee to manage the insurance for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Moreton & Company was the first local insurance brokerage to be trusted with insuring the Olympic Games.  Moreton & Company was selected because of its ability to manage a large and complex risk without sacrificing  consistent, responsive, and personal customer service.

That experience validates the success of Moreton & Company's approach to insurance.  Provide the services, resources, and expertise that businesses need to successfully manage their insurance while maintaining a personal, responsive, and professional experience with each and every client.

No matter where you are in the country or world, your experience with Moreton & Company will be personal and familiar.